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Who's Eligible to Become an Originex Ambassador

  • You’re a privacy enthusiast, a leader, an influencer, or an expert.
  • You’re passionate about data privacy and care about the responsible use of data.
  • You are an existing community leader and have the capability to promote Originex within your group.
  • You are a marketing and content creator. You love building content and have out-of-the-box ideas.
  • You are a student interested in blockchain, and you want to gain hands-on knowledge of crypto markets and the blockchain space.
  • Even if you are not crypto-savvy, you can still become an Originex Ambassador. Apply and share with us more details on why you care about Originex.

How does it work?

Our team consists of skilled software developers and blockchain enthusiasts with years of experience in the blockchain industry. We focus on using matured technologies and build on top of established blockchain ecosystems.


Connect to the Originex team via the application form below.


Create and publish quality content on social media.


Redeem rewards for you

Why become an Originex Ambassador?

  • Help build a responsible data economy. Work closely to make our privacy-first vision a reality.
  • Earn Rewards. Receive tokens for completing specific tasks.
  • Be part of a larger community of privacy enthusiasts and become a key contributor to Originex.
  • Gain real-world experience and build a name for yourself. Build real-world experience in the blockchain field and gain new marketable skills to help push your career to new heights.
  • Get a sneak peak. Discuss network updates with others contributing code on the network and give first-hand feedback to developers working.

Ambassador Status

We created the Originex Ambassador Program to enable those that are passionate about blockchain technology to collaborate with us and each other.

An Originex ambassador status grants the following privileges:

  • Get rewarded for your contribution.
  • Exclusive invitations to closed events, software previews and calls with our high-performing teams ahead of general public releases;
  • Distinctive Ambassador profile badge on Originex.
  • Gain valuable experience within the blockchain industry and behind-the-scenes access to the Project.
  • Greater involvement in decision-making processes by providing direct feedback to relevant Project officials.

Ambassador Roles

  • Engagement

    As an Ambassador, you’ll inspire users through conversations, articles, campaigns, and events. You’ll grow the local Originex community – one user at a time.

  • Local insights

    Communication is a two-way street. We count on you to share regional trends, insights, and concerns so we can address your local community better.

  • Advocacy

    You’ll represent Originex in your community, sharing knowledge about our mission and services. You’ll play a key role in increasing Originex’s visibility worldwide.

  • Education and empowerment

    As a front-line resource, you’ll have an opportunity to shape Originex’s presence by sharing best practices and connecting users with useful Originex resources.

3 Types of Ambassador Roles

  • Content Creators
    A Content Creator is always curious in understanding what interests others and how to educate the wider public with original content. There is no limitation of content type: (e.g. guides, podcasts, articles, forum posts, designs, tutorials, technical writing, infographics or videos).
  • Moderators
    As a Moderator, you will be the eagle eye of our official community channels on, Facebook, Reddit, Telegram and language-specific mediums.You should welcome newcomers, ensure the Code of Conduct is adhered to, keep the channels a friendly and constructive environment, provide insightful information and answer questions.
  • Translators
    We rely on Translators to grow our library of non-English materials. Fluent in their respective languages and with a strong desire to elevate the Originex community, our Translators speed global adoption by sharing newsletters, announcements, guides and documentation in other languages. Individuals who regularly contribute and proactively identify content to translate can apply for the relevant Ambassador status.

Ambassador Rewards

Our Ambassador Program is our commitment to encourage, reward and recognize meaningful contributions by our community members. We reward you for your contributions in your Ambassador role.

Ambassador Levels

  • Level 1 (Captain) Ambassador – can be rewarded for contributions in one role.
  • Level 2 (Major) Ambassador – can be rewarded for contributions in two roles.
  • Level 3 (General) Ambassador – can be rewarded for contribution in three roles

Apply to become an Ambassador

Join our community of advocates, content creators, and instructors and help educate the world about Originex.

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Nominate an Ambassador

Nominating a potential Ambassador is only a click away. Just click on the button above and fill out the form. You can nominate yourself, or any other community member who you believe deserves the Ambassadorship. The Originex Team will review potential candidates each month.